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March 12, 2015




Ms. Tracey G. Jeter
Director, Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD)



SWaM Business Owners



Micro Business A New Certification Category

Dear Business Owner:

As you may be aware, effective October 1, 2014, the Governor has ordered that all state purchases under $10,000 shall be set aside for micro-businesses when the price quoted is “fair and reasonable”. Your firm must be certified as a Small Business and also as a Micro Business by bid or proposal due dates or you will not be eligible to participate in these procurement opportunities.

Micro Business Eligibility:

You must be a certified Small Business under the SWaM Program.

The Micro Business certification automatically expires when the firm is no longer a certified SWaM Business.

Your firm with all of its affiliates must have no more than twenty-five (25) employees. -and-

Your firm with all of its affiliates must have no more than $3 million in average annual revenue over the most recent three-year period.

There are two methods to apply for Micro Business Certification:

As part of your application for the SWaM recertification - If your Small Business certification is expiring within the next three months or has already expired, please refer to the the instructions on “SWaM Recertification Process” available on our website at sbsd.virginia.gov/swamcert.html. When filling out the required “Owner Title Sheet”, check “yes” to indicate that you also want to apply for Micro Business status.

Complete the online Micro Business application form - If your Small Business Certification will not expire until June 1, 2015, please use the instructions below in option #2 to apply for the additional Micro Business Certification before June 1.

Otherwise we will process your Micro Business application only when you apply for SWaM recertification. For complete instructions on Micro Business Application, please refer to this guide:

To verify your SWaM certification expiration date, please visit:

If you have any questions, you may contact us by calling (804) 786-6585, or by email us at:

Tracey G. Jeter


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